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            NEPEM?质子交换膜N-21系列 燃料电池膜


            NEPEM® N-21系列质子交换膜是科润公司采用钢带流延法生产的单一组分全氟磺酸H型全氟离子膜产品。全氟离子膜在各种电解槽和电池中作为分隔阴阳极的固态电解质,NEPEM®膜具有阳离子单向通过的属性,由于采用聚四氟乙烯作为主链,调节出最为合适的分子量及离子交换容量,NEPEM®膜具有耐化学性和耐久性的特点。广泛用于:钒电池、液流电池、燃料电池、电解水制氢等领域。





            标准卷: 0.30m*100m        
            宽:  0.30 m (最小) 至 1 m (最大)
            长度:0.30 m (最小) 至 1 m (最大)

            由于焚烧时本产品会挥发出有毒有害物质,可采用填埋方法处理。只有在焚烧炉能够清除氟化氢和其他酸性燃烧产物的情况下才能焚烧。对本产品的处置必须遵守当地的相关法律法规。 本公司提供全氟离子膜的废料有偿回收服务,详情请联系科润公司销售人员。

            N-211 and N-212

            Product Information

            NEPEM® PFSA N-211 and N-212 membranes are non-reinforced films based on PFSA polymer, a perfluorosulfonic acid/PTFE copolymer in the acid (H+ ) form. NEPEM® PFSA membranes perform as a solid polymer electrolyte in fuel cells and other applications in electrochemistry and separation technology for a variety of electrochemical process.The membranes are located between the cathode and anode and transports protons formed near the catalyst at the hydrogen electrode to the oxygen electrode thereby allowing the current to be drawn from the cell. The membranes show significant improvements in features such as better resistance to chemical attack and longer operating durability in fuel cells. The membrane is typically positioned on a coversheet. This composite membrane is wound on a plastic core, with the coversheet on the core-side, as shown in Figure 1. A 15.24cm ID plastic roll core is standard.

            The membrane combined with the coversheet eliminates rapid changes in the membrane’s water content, and stabilizes the dimensions of the membrane when removed from the roll.

            Order and Packaging Information FIGURE 1: NEPEM® PFSA N-211/212 Series membrane Roll Schematic DiagramNEPEM® PFSA membranes are available in two thickness values: N-211and N-212.

            The standard product specifications for membrane pieces include:

            ? Width: 0.30 m (min.) to 1.00 m (max.)

            ? Length: 0.30 m (min.) to 1.00 m (max.)

            The membrane for cut pieces will depend on the size and quantity of the customer’s order requirements. All the flatted membranes are shipped on a roll. Flat membranes are directly wound into a small roll. The membranes are protected with a polyethylene wrap and inner packaging, then placed in shipping hard cartons.

            The standard product specifications for membrane rolls include:

            ? Width: 610mm and 800mm standard widths; other widths are available from 200mm to 400mm in 100mm increments on special order.

            ? Length: 100-meter standard roll length, other non-standard lengths are feasible to meet orders of the custome.

            There is a 50 m2 minimum order requirement for non standard roll widths and lengths. Membrane pieces or rolls can be cut to non standard sizes, and special packaging provided at additional cost. Please contact our sales staff for details and availability.

            Membrane dimensions are based on dry product conditioned at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity(RH) before cutting. The moisture content of the membranes will have an influence on their size changes including in the length, width, and thickness directions. Once the coversheet is removed, the membrane will adjust to the environment conditions. The membrane typically adheres to the coversheet, to the extent that it reduces the dimensions.

             Separating the Membrane from the Coversheet

            ? Remove the plastic tape from the roll, as shown in the diagram.Adhesive tape applied to front side in the center of the roll.

            ? The membrane shall be easily peeled off from the coversheet during this step. The coversheet is 125 micron polyester film.

            ? The membrane shall be wound on the inside of the roll such that it is protected from contamination and physical damage during handling,storage,and shipping.

            Product Labeling

            A self-adhesive product label is placed on the inside of the roll core and on the outside over-wrap of each roll. The label contain the following information: Membrane Type, Supplier Lot Number, Quantity.

            Recommended Storage Conditions

            Prior to opening the original shipping box, the membrane does not require environmentally controlled storage. Membrane should be kept sealed in its original packaging until needed. After opening the package, store the material in a temperature and humidity controlled environment(temperature 25.0±5.0°C and humidity 45±5.0%RH). Acclimatize the membrane to the manufacturing environment for at least 48 hours prior to use.

            Once opened and exposed to the environment, the membrane will equilibrate to the ambient relative humidity, and change in dimensions accordingly.

            Scrap Disposal

            Preferred disposal options are recycling and landfill. Incinerate only if incinerator is capable of scrubbing out hydrogen fluoride and other acidic combustion products. Treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal must be in accordance with applicable national laws and regulations. The process of recycling waste Fluoropolymer Resins is extremely complicated as there are many parts to be recycled and many hazardous materials to remove. Therefore, we recommend that it is more appropriate for customers to hand over the waste membrane to us for recycling.

            For more information about NEPEM® PFSA membranes :

            email:sales@bestpem.com  WECHAT:18610561199



            型号 厚度(微米) 重量(克)
            N-211 25 50
            N-212 51 100


            特性 测试数值  测试方法
            拉伸强度(横向)(23℃,相对湿度为50%) 31MPa ASTM D 882
            拉伸强度(纵向)(23℃,相对湿度为50%) 33MPa ASTM D 882
            断裂伸长率(23℃,相对湿度为50%) 229% ASTM D 882
            密度 1.98 体积称重法


            特性 测试数值 测试方法
            含水率(23℃,相对湿度为50%) 5% ASTM D 570
              49% ASTM D 570
            50% RH, 23℃至水浸透, 23℃ 10% ASTM D 576
            50% RH, 23℃至水浸透, 100℃ 15% ASTM D 576
            50% RH, 23 ℃至水浸透, 23℃ 10% ASTM D 576
            50% RH, 23℃ 至水浸透, 100℃ 15% ASTM D 576
            电导率 0.1 S/cm GB/T 20042.3-2009
            酸容量 0.1 meq/g GB/T 20042.3-2009
            氢气渗透率N-211(ml/min?cm2) 0.02 (23℃,100%RH和50-psi的压差)
            氢气渗透率N-212(ml/min?cm2) 0.01  (23℃,100%RH和50-psi的压差)



            18610561199   18513867719








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